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Ketogenic Baby exists to provide connection, resources, and support to caregivers, parents and patients who have been medically prescribed the ketogenic diet.

** DISCLAIMER: As the creator of this site, I am NOT a doctor or credentialed expert. I am a parent and caregiver attempting to create more community and support for those in the midst of this challenge. I am also extremely analytical and passionate about truth and will do my best to share what I have found helpful and important along this journey. I am not pretending or seeking to claim any expert status.

See below for a little more context...

Our Story

         When our first son was 2 months old (2017), he began to have seizures—as many as 30 in 12 hours. Doctors at Children’s Hospital took a chance to test one particular gene (of the 20,000+ that humans have), and, by the grace of God, they were right.

         My boy, AJ, was then diagnosed with a rare metabolic disorder called Glut 1 Deficiency Syndrome (G1D), which means that the transporters that are supposed to bring glucose to his brain do not work effectively. His brain was starving for energy, and that's why he was seizing. This rare disorder is primarily treated by a strict ketogenic diet, which actually shifts AJ's brain fuel to ketones instead of glucose (our body's metabolic "Plan B"). His diet is extremely high in fat with every calorie and gram he eats accounted for. You know what that means? BUTTER, OIL, SPATULAS, and...



        AJ was the youngest baby to be diagnosed with G1D in our area (and possibly the nation). However, this kind of medical necessity “Keto” diet is used for kids with epilepsy and other disorders, as well. As a new mom navigating a new world, I found little resources online and often felt like I had to reinvent the wheel. My goal through Ketogenic Baby is to offer such resources and foster a sense of community and support for those facing this daunting level of caregiving for their little ones.


AJ's Mom

AJ is now 7 years old and has a little brother who he loves to play with and wrestle.

Tracy, Russ and the boys live in

Colorado, USA.

Want to connect? Please reach out to me!

Thanks, I'll be in touch soon!

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