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These are a few immediate resources that have been helpful to me. I know there are more to add in time. Please leave a comment if you have other resources that could spur on caregivers administering medical-necessity ketogenic diet to young ones!

The KetoDietCalculator (or KDC)

Although the system itself could use some updating, let us be SO very thankful for this amazing tool that saves us from having to do all the meal calculations by hand. This is a sort of "plug n' chug!"

Glut1 Deficiency Foundation

This group does a lot to raise awareness of G1D. They also have a lot of specific research and information about this rare metabolic disease and a newsletter to keep you informed.


Matthew's Friends

This organization, mainly focused on Keto Diet for epilepsy, is based in the UK, and I found this site most helpful with some of their Keto Kitchen tips and tricks.

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I highly recommend this book by Mackenzie C. Cervenka, MD. I read the whole thing right away, and it helped us understand more of the history of Keto Diet application and answered some of my questions. It also helped to produce thoughtful, important questions to bring up to our Keto Team at Children's Hospital. 


The Charlie Foundation

This site focuses on the broader application of the Ketogenic Diet as medical treatment, started by determined parents of Charlie, who was eventually cured of his epilepsy!


Modified Keto Cookbook

This cookbook is recommended by

one of our wonderful registered dieticians who has a lot of experience working with families on the Modified Atkins Diet.

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