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Ways to Help

As I continue to pour into creating this website, ideas come to mind about how to make life easier for those on this unique care giving journey. Many of these ideas are beyond my scope of expertise and/or time, but I want to put them out there in case someone reading is inspired and able and willing!

Free or Discounted Organic Fats

The main treasures would include:


  • OILS (Olive, Avocado, Coconut especially)



This seems very viable to me, given that discounts are often available, even through insurance, for certain medically prescribed needs. So why not with this medically prescribed diet?

Updated Keto Diet Calculator Website

I am so thankful to have this website, because doing this kind of math by hand...  my brain would just deflate. I can also offer at least 10 things that might make it more user-friendly and helpful.

Develop a Keto Diet Calculator (KDC) App

There are many features of the KDC that would be so beneficial to have on-the-go, including stored nutritional info, the personalized calculations and calculator, and even an integrated reliable scale!

Make a Spatula that Works

Does anyone have the skills to make a mini spatula based on the parameters discussed HERE? Seriously, we can call it the "Ketogenic Baby Unicorn Spatula."

Thoughts from the Experts:


A note from Jennifer Oliver, CPNP-PC, Ketogenic Diet APP

Jenn O.jpg

I personally have been working with this patient population for about 12 years, and in that time, I've seen an evolution of ketogenic diet therapy.  While both the classic ketogenic diet and the modified Atkins diet can be challenging and do come with risks,  they have become much more acceptable in the community (thanks fad keto) and manageable for families.  Ketogenic diet therapy doesn't work for everyone, yet I continue to have hope that the diet will be a success in terms of improving seizure control and supporting neurological function and overall development. Our job as a keto team is to make sure that we provide each family with the necessary tools to give the diet a fair trial.   I am often amazed at the dedication and commitment that comes from the families supporting these diets;  they really do have the hardest job of all! 

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