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Spatula Delusion

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

How hard is it?

I mean, a quick search on Amazon or any other engine will reveal a ridiculous amount of spatula options. But you know what? In my unprofessional yet massively practical opinion, 99% are useless.



Here's a quick video to prove my point: (COMING SOON)

Now, what is the ideal "unicorn" spatula for the needs of our ketogenic baby community?

  1. Of the "mini" variety -- small enough for a child's mouth and easy for them to hold.

  2. Actually thin--like really thin--on all the edges. Requires one swipe to scrape clean the area that it touches (efficiency, people).

That's all. Just two requirements. So why is this hard?

In my quest, I have found a couple of these unicorn spatulas, but then somehow, when the top starts coming off or there are chips in the silicone, I can't ever find them again in order to buy more. I realize that at the time I should have bought 25, so as never to have this problem again. But... early on, I was naive. I thought, "Gee, there are a lot of spatulas out there, and surely I'll be able to find a good one again..."

Oh no. Don't be fooled, like I was. When you find a unicorn spatula, BUY MANY (and send me a link). OR... if you happen to have special spatula connections or skills, please consider helping our small community with this seemingly simple problem.

For anyone confused as to why a great spatula is essential for this community, it is because with every meal, every calorie, every component carefully measured, nothing can be wasted. I need every drop to make it into my boy's mouth in order for him to be fueled in the proper ratio. Multiple scrapings with rounded-edge spatulas not only waste grams of needed food, but they waste time as well.

In the meantime, here's to efficient scraping for the betterment of us all.

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