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First Pizza Party

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

The time has come.

AJ's preschool is doing a special pizza day, where they will assemble and eat pizza in the classroom. The easy thing to do would be to just take him out early that day. But after thinking about it, the better thing to do is to embrace the challenge and figure out how to make pizza!

I thank God for the KDC, which already has a few "standard recipes" to look at for inspiration. I was going to invent my own wheel using a cauliflower wrap as the base, but there is a "Keto CookBook" recipe already in there that works well with a 2-3:1 ratio. So here goes!


- Tomato Sauce

- Parmesan Cheese, hard

- Mayonnaise

- Olive Oil

- Egg whites, raw

- Macadamia Nuts, dry roasted with salt

- Pineapple chunks (that is what the school is going to use, and it helps get us to proper ratio)

The recipe says to mix the nuts with the egg white (beaten stiff), mayo and oil, but I assume you have to crush the nuts first. My plan is to do that in my vitamix blender--I hope it works! I'm going to bake it separately and then bring the cheese, pineapple, and sauce all pre-weighed for him to help assemble at class. Or I might bake in the sauce and just bring the other two.... hmmm... we shall see.

Stay tuned for an update with the finished product/process! Here goes....

*See the KDC recipe for full instructions. If you don't yet have access to the KDC, talk to your Keto Team or go here!



Dah dah dummm!!!

I must admit, I ended up being more excited about the result than AJ was when eating it. It looked like a pizza, smelled mostly like a pizza, and it was relatively easy to make. He, of course, was thrilled to have pizza like the rest of his class--so that part was a BIG WIN.

Unfortunately, the pizza itself was just "okay." In fact, I made it again about a month later on another special occasion, hoping he might like it more, but both times he took forever to eat the crust (which is not normal if he likes something). I'm not sure exactly why he didn't like it, but I'm proud of him for eating it all even though it wasn't his favorite.

So.... after two tries, I think I'll shift to seeking out a different pizza recipe. I'm a little bummed about it, but I'm glad I tried! If you're thinking of trying this for your little one, I say do it. Maybe they will like it better than AJ did.

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