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Equipment Essentials

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

  • Supplement Syringes -- The pharmacy will usually give you more for free if you ask

  • Spatulas — You guys, this one should not be as challenging as it is (see full rant here) This is the best spatula I have found so far.

  • Scale — I like the Taylor scales

  • Glass Storage Containers, large ones and small ones — Mass meal prep. Anchor brand is perfect (and they are really cheap at Ross)

  • Oil Dispenser — get one you like, you will use this A LOT

  • Butter Dish(es) — same comment as above (at first, I had a completely separate one for AJ so that no outside food touched his butter. I eventually grew out of that, as my confidence in my ability and awareness with his food increased)

  • Small Fry Pan -- small area for small meals, easy to scrape

  • Silicone Bib -- with curve at bottom to catch crumbs, drips etc.

  • Blender/Immersion Blender -- I use them both, one bite pureed ratios

  • Food Processor -- especially for younger ages (semi solids, small pieces). Here is an example of a great bundle I use all the time.

  • Small Dishes/Plates/Bowls -- small meals and snacks are more proportionate and less blaring

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