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Breastmilk, Oil & KetoCal

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

These were the first ratios we ever did....

During our planned hospital stay, which is required to start the medically prescribed ketogenic diet, we first tried nursing followed by syringes of oil plunged into my baby's mouth. Eventually, though, we had to ditch nursing for full time bottle usage, because we needed to know exactly how much breast milk and calories AJ was consuming.

Round 1:

17ml of oil -- we used avocado oil, as it was the most mild in flavor

90ml Breast milk

Sometimes adding 15ml of of water

AJ's ketone production at this point was only 0.6, which was way too low, so we made the difficult decision to got to formula with a teeny bit of breast milk mixed in. To me, breast milk is God's very best nutrition for him so I was fighting (and pumping like a madwoman) to keep it. Plus, the KetoCal was not intended for use under 1 year old. Yet... this was our only viable option.

Round 2:

70 ml KetoCal 4:1

25 ml breast milk

Adding water as needed (usually 30ml)

Eventually, we had to sacrifice the breast milk completely in order to maximize ketone production.

And ya know, I'm thankful to say that the KetoCal worked out fine for our ketogenic baby. We started using it just before he was 3 months old!

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