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Cottage Cheese & Applesauce (Default Meal #1)

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Don't scoff until you try it!! I mean, I never had to add the oil, but I grew up eating cottage cheese & applesauce as a snack. When we were transitioning into soft foods, a little light bulb came on to rebirth this classic yumminess.

This meal is a staple, because it is easy to have these items on hand. AJ likes the combo, and it also easily mixes with his Nano multivitamin powder. Often, we use this meal as a standard breakfast.

Ingredients @ 3:1 ratio:

  • Cottage Cheese, whole milk (Good Culture)* - 18g

  • Organic Santa Cruz Applesauce* - 27g

  • Avocado Oil - 16g

  • A teeny sprinkle of cinnamon on top (which he likes to stir up himself)

*As with all recipes, brands often matter (but not always--note the oil in this recipe) as there are many variations of sugars, fats, etc. Of course, use whatever brand you have! Just be sure to input into the KDC to know your specific measurements.

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